OZOVED Veggie & Fruit Cleanser - 200 ml

Active Cleanser with natural ingredients.

Removes Chemical, Dirt, Bacteria, Germs & Wax.

  • Cleaning fruits and vegetables
  • Enriched with anti-bacterial properties of Ayurvedic herbs like Ushira, Tulsi, Nagarmotha, Dhania, and Rajat Bhasma to help remove germs present on fruits and vegetables.
  • Maintains an additional level of safety for fruits and vegetables above simple rinsing.
  • Contra Indications: Used for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Not for drinking. Keep away from children. Do not use on cut, peeled or cooked fruits and vegetables. Read the label carefully before use. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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OZOVED Veggie & Fruit Cleanser - 200 ml